RED FLAG: “No One Understands Our Love”

3643-1348760315-1degreebio_blog_red-flagWe need a good warning from time to time. I mean, if there is a tornado in town I would like to know.

Warnings can save your life. And they can save your heart too.

Do you ever wish you could have some for your relationships? Red flags that would let you know before you get too far into a relationship, that this isn’t a good thing? Fortunately, there are many.   And if we can just train our eyes to see what they look like, we could save ourselves a lot of heartbreak.

*                *                *

I have developed an awesome ability. It’s an art form really. I have developed the capacity of knowing, in minutes, whether a couple is a good fit or if they should break up immediately.

Minutes. That’s all it takes.

Here’s how you do it. Don’t look at the couple. Look at the reaction of everyone else.

You know when a couple has a bright future because everyone around them is so happy they are together. They walk into the room holding hands and people get giddy. Their friends and family are ecstatic. Even strangers make comments.

Have you ever seen two people and thought, “Gosh, they would be SO good together”. . .then later they actually do? Is that not exhilarating? You can’t help but want to take credit. I mean it was your idea.

In the same way, it’s obvious when a couple should not be together.

Everyone knows it. Just look. They’re all thinking the same thing. “What in the world are they doing together?” Ever have a friend date someone who just wasn’t right for them? If you’ve been there before you know how frustrating it is.

Thus, we come to one of the most trustworthy of warning signs.

RED FLAG: You find yourself saying, “No one understands our love.”

Trust me. People know whether you are in a good relationship or not. If you start finding that you have to explain or justify why you are in a relationship you are headed for trouble.

See, being in love is like surfing into a giant wave and crashing. You have no idea which way is up or down. You have no way of giving a clear assessment of the situation.

But people who are outside that wonderful wave of emotions can see very clearly what you have gotten yourself into—whether it’s good or bad.

So when you get into a relationship pay close attention to the reaction of everyone around you. If you find them applauding that is a really good sign.

But if they are not. . .you may want to take a closer look. Your heart will thank you later.